poem | afroconciencia

We are proud to be Black,

more so now than before.

Growing up, los negros learned to dream away their negritude,

They learns how to blend in like white spots on a white wall whilst still being black.

But now they are trying to rediscover their blackness,

Trying to find sense in an identity that had been made so foreign to them,

So incoherent.

They ask themselves what it means to be black,

Whilst trying not to enclose themselves in same cages they just left.

They are still accepting their blackness,

whilst saying goodbye to the mirrors of their oppression.

Reconstructing their love for the darkness they was given,

They undress the lies, painting truth on their bodies in the streets of São Paulo.

Los negros have started to see that their Maker made no mistake,

Liberally pouring out His gift of melanin.

They are becoming conscious of their blackness,

but no longer ashamed of their blackness.

They have embraced their blackness,

and they will not apologise for their blackness.

Los negros son consciente de sus negritud.


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