poem | Head under water

love has changed me
walking with the feet of another
experiencing through the senses of another
I look different, my previous acquaintances recognise me no more
I sojourned to foreign lands to become acquainted Me
I lived the life of a foreigner to find understanding of self
I danced the night away with old pleasures
woke up under the rising sun with new ones
but love, yes love nearly killed me
but it was his love that finally consumed me
his love led my feet to the river
I bid the Earth goodbye
step after step, deeper, until I was head under water
the ones before offered me nights of pleasure, blurry glimpses of la felicidad
but his love, no, his love offered me eternities with the celestial
head under water
his love led me to me death
and I’m still dying

Photo cred: http://fav.me/d4gwccw






























Photo cred: ellacalm.tumblr.com/fav.me/d4gwccw

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