20 lessons I learnt at 20 years old

For me, the age of 20 had a lot going on, I learnt so many things about myself, it was ridiculous. At 20, I moved to Spain for a year and live abroad, away from family and away from friends, it was also the age that I was baptised. So these are my principle 20 lessons that I learnt whilst at 20 years old! Enjoy x

  1. I can share my burdens with the people around me.
  2. Doing that doesn’t make me a burden.
  3. It’s okay to feel, even if it makes me cry.
  4. Don’t be so defensive, not everyone is challenging me.
  5. Traveling so much makes me homesick, though being away from home doesn’t make me homesick.
  6. It’s not normal to feel anxious in social environments or before social interactions.
  7. I have a mental health problem.
  8. London’s cultural diversity has been a bubble.
  9. Racism is still very prominent, living in Europe definitely opened my eyes to that.
  10. I am very attracted to Spaniards.
  11. Spaniards aren’t use to see many black people who aren’t poor, working class or in poverty.
  12. God makes sure that you have an opportunity to know him.
  13. You care a lot about fitting in and what people think, you want to be liked. A horrible downside to your anxiety.
  14. I’m very sensitive, I cry, at least, tear up to almost everything.
  15. I love Love.
  16. I’m a hardcore romantic
  17. There are more than a one or a few ways to worship God, He’s the creator of creativity, to say He accepts and desires to be worship seems to stifle that creativity and ours too.
  18. Having people, and their relationships, around me is so necessary.
  19. Consistency is a muscle that requires being exercised.
  20. Ask questions.

 Inspired by With Love Celeste‘s “21 Things I’ve learned At 21“.


One thought on “20 lessons I learnt at 20 years old

  1. I loved this Linda! It was very vulnerable and #11 I didn’t know how to explain this but you did so well. Keep writing!


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