Short letters

13th November 2015, Paris ISIS terrorist attacks, Lebanon ISIS suicide bombing, Japan earthquakes, Mexico earthquake and hurricane, Baghdad suicide bombing...


I’m sorry this happened,
I can only imagine the blue and red lights
Dancing to the symphony of sirens around the city of Paris.
But we’re with you,
Crying as you are cry,
Praying as you pray,
We’re with you.
Because God hears the prayers of His nations and His children,
So I pray there be peace in the midst of chaos.
We promise to not be gripped by fear of this
But to be brave, and unshaken.


To the Muslims,
It’s okay, we know it’s not your fault,
You are not all the blame.
We will try to separate you from this,
Some won’t, so I say again, we will try.
We know that not every Muslim took part in this.
So sorry for the abuse and the bad
That you will suffer for this.
Forgive the misdirected anger of those
Who blame you, anger over something that
one has no control over produces that.
You are in my prayers.


To World,
Gosh, moments like this are hard, right?
We want to yell, scream and kick someone but,
Who do we get mad at?
Do we blame? Should we blame?
I won’t say ‘don’t be angry’ but,
I will say correctly aim your anger,
It’s easy to fall into the trap of greater division
But it’s okay,
What they have meant for
Pain and destruction,
We will take and use for
Unity and love.
We’ve gotten admit that we did wrong,
Selectively giving our prayers,
When we lost 115,069 other people on the same day.
Stay woke, depending on who you are,
That will mean something different,
But stay woke.
Remember that ISIS is to Islam,
As KKK was to Christianity.


Beirut and Japan,
Mexico and Baghdad,
We are praying for you too.
Forgive us for our unevenly divided attention.

linda xo






2 Timothy 1:7
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.



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