Can you hold me up?

I just love the ‘get caught in the moment and worry later’ feel to it! In a world where everything is worry-prone, sometimes you just need to laugh and dance off your worries as embarrassing as it sounds. 25-year-old Australian song/songwriter Conrad Sewell has such an ‘cool’ sound, he’s quite new on the scene, but by just hearing what he has to say, you easily get the impression that he’s the kind of musician that appreciates capturing the spontaneity of the moment rather than the perfection of the moment. And that’s what I love about him. Also the lyrics, recognising that there is a limit to ones strength, knowing and embracing the fact that you need others. The song is on iTunes and you can check out his other songs and his social media!

iTunes: Conrad Sewell – HoldMeUp
Spotify: ConradSewell
Twitter: Conradofficial
Instagram: Conradofficial
Facebook: ConradOfficial


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