Hey, welcome! ...nah

mmm.. Hiya there! nope

Bienviendo! *chuckles*

why are welcomes/introductions so awkward?


Hey everyone! I’m Linda, writer of this blog (obviously lol) I hope you enjoy this blog (and this post). I have an ‘About Me’ page which you can click here for, also a post a bit about Ellaleó which can be found here! So why did I decide to start up blog I hear you ask, something that over half the world’s population has already done? I have asked myself this for years (literally I have been thinking about starting up a blog for years).

“everyone has a blog, how would mine by any different?”

“what if I can’t commit to writing regularly?”

“who would read the blog, what if no one reads it?”

Well, of recent, I’ve come to realise that the difference between what my blog would be and the hundreds of millions of blogs out there (dude, Tumblr alone had 246.6 million blog accounts in July 2015) would that I’m writing. That is this difference. My words will be shaped by my experiences, my personality, my style, my thoughts, my opinions… you get my drift. Nobody else will possess any of my same traits. And that’s my unique selling point, that I am me *chuckles* so that is why I decided to start up my blog (along with all the amazing people who encouraged me to do so!) I’m sure you’ve already sussed out that I’m not a guru of any sort, but I think everyone has some wisdom in their own area, whether or not they share it or not. So I’m gonna share with you, talk about experiences, ideas, growth, stuggles etc and hopefully you’ll talk back through commenting, email etc. This is beyond exciting, like I get to just share my experiences and knowledge with you guys because that gives me the chance to ‘do life’ with you all. And it’s even more so amazing because as a very individualistic individual, sharing myself: my thoughts, troubles, joys with others doesn’t come as naturally to me as much as I’d like it to. So being able to do life with people that I don’t actually know? It’s better than doing it with people I do know (no offence friends & fam love ya’ll too), but it shows that we are such a relational species, we weren’t made to be individualistic.

So my goal isn’t to write to gain followers but more to connect with you, write for you to be inspired and encouraged. So if you ever have any questions, doubts or even disagreement, post a comment or send an email! I have a subscription box by the side so you can get updates of when I upload a post so knock yourself out 😀

linda xo


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