I realised lately how little I care for my mental well-being, so I wrote this to sort-of make sense and figure out the steps to take to self-care more. Check it out.

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Summer ’16

The end of an eventful summer is at my finger tips. I’ve not always been the one for reflection, if anything I’ve always ran from it because it meant potential seeing something I didn’t like then being compelled to change that about myself. (To clarify, it was the work that goes into change I run … More Summer ’16

“Does the Church support you as a black person?”

First of all, I think it’s crazy how much of a impact a construct created 500 years is having right now on our society. The construct of race really came into use during the sixteenth century and was used to prevent the revolt and collaboration of the African and Indian slaves with the European slaves against the English authority. … More “Does the Church support you as a black person?”

Church ‘the safe space’, Race, No justice no peace

The topic of race is a very uncomfortable and divisive topic however I don’t believe that as Christians we are to then be silent about this because we have opposing views or don’t see eye to eye. Silence can very well be consent. I think we should be able to deal with these issues that affect our … More Church ‘the safe space’, Race, No justice no peace

poem | afroconciencia

We are proud to be Black, more so now than before. Growing up, los negros learned to dream away their negritude, They learns how to blend in like white spots on a white wall whilst still being black. But now they are trying to rediscover their blackness, Trying to find sense in an identity that had been made so foreign to them, So incoherent. … More poem | afroconciencia